Ready to generate your own power?

More and more people are looking to become energy self-sufficient using microgeneration technologies. Discover how to utilise your local, renewable resources to meet your own electricity needs.

Energy Anywhere

By harnessing the natural power of rivers and small waterfalls, ENFINI makes energy available to all – with minimal impact on the environment.

Our technology

Using simplified Kaplan turbine technology, we supply micro-hydro installations optimised for water heads between 5 and 15 metres.

Who can use our solution?

Our products can be used by anyone with access to a river or waterfall. Customers looking for a reliable and stable source of energy can create their own local hydropower plant by installing our HydroGo. The national association for small-scale power generation, Småkraftforeninga, has indicated a potential for up to 3000 microgeneration installations in Norway.


Energy harnessed from rivers and small waterfalls

More and more people are looking to become energy self-sufficient using microgeneration technologies. The opportunity to use the river by our farm, home, or cabin to generate electricity is an important driver, but there are also clear environmental benefits as this renewable source of energy replaces fossil energy sources and helps combat climate change. Our microgeneration solution, HydroGo, is designed to generate electricity by utilising the energy in rivers and small waterfalls. HydroGo uses simplified Kaplan turbine technology, and is optimised for water heads between 5 and 15 metres. The solution is eco-friendly and has minimal impact on nature. It will provide you with a reliable and stable electricity supply, and is competitive in the market as it can generate energy from a relatively low drop-height.

Self-sufficient with microgeneration

Invest in our solution, and you can become energy independent and even sell surplus power back to the grid. As an example, you can run your own small-scale industrial units, water pumps, water purification systems, and telecom equipment. Our hydropower plants are also available with a Power Hub for off-grid systems. This can transfer energy from sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and generators to batteries for power management and storage. The concept represents a further development in market for SHP technology and renewable energy. Furthermore, our turbines and control systems offer a competitive edge by being mobile and deployable in areas not previously deemed economically sustainable for this type of installation.

A system with a 15 kW capacity produces 131.400 kWh annually and can power 8.2 homes in Norway – or, alternatively, 33 homes in Chile.
Reidar Vestby, Operations and Production Manager

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