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ENFINI’s HydroGo is a new generation micro-hydro installation for use in rivers and small waterfalls with a head drop of 5-15 metres. The system comprises a HydroGo turbine and a Power Hub control unit to connect the installation to the grid.

HydroGo in operation

  1. Water inlet
  2. Penstock
  3. Turbine generator unit
  4. Outlet pipe
  5. Energy storage and conversion
  6. Local consumer
  7. Connection to grid
  8. Base station

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The unique aspects of our solution

  • Mobile and versatile
  • Reliable and stable electricity supply
  • Low drop-heights
  • Easy to install
  • On/off-grid solutions
  • Energy production 24/7


HydroGo is a container-mounted hydroturbine solution based on well-tested technology that has been further developed to produce a prefabricated power plant easy to transport by boat, pickup truck, lorry, or helicopter.

Using simplified Kaplan turbine technology, the solution is optimised for water heads between 5 and 15 metres. The turbine is designed to produce between 5 and 30 kW power based on available water head (h/m) and water flow rate (l/sec) in a river.

HydroGo is delivered in a container that can easily be deployed on the riverbank, and is primarily designed and built for off-grid use with storage and distribution via battery packs.

  • Available as a modular kit with composite-material turbine solution.
  • Fully tested and in production.
  • Tested by the Waterpower Laboratory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, 2018.
  • Test results show potential for standardised solutions and mass production.

The HydroGo turbine is manufactured using cutting edge techniques and composite materials. It has the potential to increase efficiency by 20% compared with traditional turbines, and can be mass produced. This will reduce the production time by 70% and cost 50% less than traditional manufacturing processes. The patented, hyper-effective Kaplan turbine (patent NO340092) allows for significant reductions in costs.
HydroGo’s generator and control systems have been developed in collaboration with Siemens AG and the battery supplier Schive AS.

HydroGo turbine characteristics:

  • Reduces production time by up to 70%
  • Reduces production costs by 50%
  • Weigh reduction of up to 50% compared with traditional steel turbines
  • Efficiency maintained at approx. 80%
  • Turbine is designed for series connection as required, e.g. from 1-6 turbines

Power Hub

ENFINI has, in collaboration with Siemens AG and the battery supplier Schive AS, developed a Power Hub that can receive energy from sources such as hydro, wind, and solar power solutions. The energy from solar panels, windmills, and generators is used to power water pumps, water purification systems, and telecommunication equipment via a shared, on-site hub for energy management and storage.

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